Maracas Mania

My friends — April and Wayne — were such fun when I asked them to dance and shake the maracas before we went out for dinner!  April is in her early 40’s…don’t you think she’s “hot”?  She’s very athletic…in fact she’s out jogging right now as I do this post.  She rides a Harley, runs in charity events, bought a boat recently (so she skis)…practices yoga and is a certified holistic health coach (or something like that)!


Of course, Wayne, the guy — has to take it to the next level — juggling with them!  And he does it quite well!  Isn’t he cute!  Wayne is also quite amazing!  He’s won awards in his age group (which is still the Fabulous 50’s) for swimming.  He swam 12 miles around Key West last year!!  He turned me on to the Yoga place here in Fort Myers.  He’s also almost single!


Hopefully, we’ve entertained you!


Stay tuned for the next installment of fun!

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