Yogi Photo Shoot

A friend on Facebook gave my name to one of her friends, Pamela Quinn, who was looking for a photographer to do some work at her yoga studio, Elemental OM.  There were some specific guidelines as far as how much free horizontal space was necessary and how large the photo needed to be before it was cropped, but I also took some fun photos.

As you can see, my job was quite easy with such a beautiful subject…


I didn’t give her any direction as far as poses, and our time together flowed really well.  She would do her thing and I would capture it…


Love this one…


Pamela wants me to come back next week to take photos during one of her classes and one of her friends saw her photos on Facebook and wants me to take photographs for her.  Technology definitely has its advantages!

Best Yoga in Fort Myers

I think some of the best Yoga I’ve experienced is right here in Fort Myers at Fort Myers Fitness 24/7 and it’s only $5.00 (what a deal).  I usually do “Hot” Yoga (where the room is 100 degrees) in Cincinnati.  I’ve been a few times during the three weeks I’ve been visiting here from Cincinnati and LOVE the instructor.  He has a calm presence and voice and explains every move in a fluid fashion and you know you’re working your body and becoming more aware of everything!


This is after class…just posin’ for all of you!


I asked the instructor if he would do a move or two for my blog…



If you haven’t given Yoga a try or its been a long time…I strongly urge you to go.  It’s one of the best forms of exercise and will help keep you looking and feeling younger for the rest of your life!  There was a lady in the class that was at least 100 lbs. over weight…so it doesn’t matter what shape you start out in!  I’ve run a half-marathon, hike, and a multitude of other activities and feel that this gives the best return—both physically and mentally!