Taking it One Day at a Time or…The Power of Now

I took this photo driving from Colorado through New Mexico.  Georgia O’Keefe territory!

Taken near Georgia O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch in New Mexico

Most everyone’s heard of Eckhart Tolle‘s best seller…The Power of Now.  Back in the day, people used to say, “Take it one day at a time”.  I’ve made a conscious decision to implement this way of living recently and it seems to be working!  At times in the past, I’ve had a difficult time making certain decisions…i.e. which of my passions to follow or whether to stay or go.  I’m learning to feel with my heart/gut more than listening to the conflicting thoughts that bounce around in my head.

Learning to accept myself…the dark and the light!

Just in the past few days I’ve had numerous situations of Synchronicity and events that seem to go beyond coincidence!  Now that I have narrowed down my true passions–which are–health/wellness, organization/decluttering, and travel/photography/writing, I’ve decided to stop attempting to pick just one to follow and instead…delve into all of them!  So–that means I’m going to be a traveling hypnotist specializing in hoarding, who blogs about her experiences!  Well…something like that.  I’m still “Taking it One Day at a Time“!

The other key component is ACTION.  So, today I got information about becoming a Certified Hypnotist; and I made a flyer to place on bulletin boards to help people organize their homes!  I also entered a photography contest.

I’m learning to let go of fear and replace it with love!  Fear of not having enough money for retirement.  Fear of speaking in front of a large crowd.  Actually, I don’t have many fears…so I’m lucky!

These are my wishes for each of you…that you may be free from fear; that you know and love yourselves; and that you are able to follow your passions and have Gratitude!

49 thoughts on “Taking it One Day at a Time or…The Power of Now

  1. Awesome post. I too have decided to pursue all my passions and not just focus on one. Hey, question for you. My husband and I are thinking of becoming “snowbirds” in Florida for at least Dec and Jan of every year. I know Oregon is not as cold as other parts of the country, but I can’t take the constant gray anymore. What Gulf Coast towns in Florida, that you may have seen, appealed to you? Thanks for any input. Your answer will allow you to use your tour director and writing skills. 🙂


    • Hi Marianne – I stayed in the Sunset Beach/Rosemary Beach area, which is between Destin and Panama City Beaches. I would recommend that area. I believe the Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) that I stayed at is within the Seacrest Condos. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to stay in either Destin or Panama City because they’re more crowded and touristy. I was there in November, so the weather was nice, but Dec/Jan will be too cold to swim most of the time. Most people go to the Tampa Bay area or below…Ft. Myers for the winter months. There you’re assured of good weather. I have a blow by blow of my trip through Florida if you go to the Florida drop down menu. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me! ~Sherry~


  2. I think .. to take one day at the time .. is the best way to take life on. We all fear for something, but that shouldn’t stop us .. I fear for that my cancer will pop up somewhere else in my body – but it’s nothing I think about every often. I have fear for high heights where I can survive if I fall .. and I have a fear for snakes. You’re so right in what you are writing here, we can only take a step at the time.
    Your photo is really wonderful.


  3. Once I was talking with my therapist about the future. I said the idea of not being able to take care of myself tortured me and she asked why. I explained to her my reasons and she said “you`ve always found the way so far, why not thinking that you`ll find the way if that day comes?” Her words gave me some peace and when I feel “I can`t” or “I won`t” or “I`m lost” I remember what she said and I say to myself “I`ll find the way”.
    As years went by I learnt to appreciate the “now” and let go “yesterday” and I try hard not to worry about those things that haven`t happened yet. “Try” is the keyword.
    And you are trying, that is what counts!!!
    Have a wonderful 2013 you too!!!


  4. After teaching and running schools for 34 years I retired this year, quite burned out! Twelve to sixteen hour days for thirteen years will do that to you. After a few months I was inspired to train as a hypnotherapist so as to help people. A few months later I did my training in NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), more training in hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. I see clients at home as a life coach using all my new skills and many skills learned in my years teaching and counselling parents, students, teachers and colleagues. I love it! In May to June I will qualify as a Master Practitioner in all disciplines and then become a trainer. A whole new world awaits me Sherry, and I see similar opportunities for you. It’s inspiring to read your blog, thank you!
    Sherry Fletcher


  5. Hi Sherri! Me too! I love your attitude 🙂 I have a lot less fear, let me tell you work in an ICU for eleven years and you don’t know what the word means. At home I think I’m doing everything right I just keep getting yelled at. What’s up with that, not sure. Someone is not a happy camper but it’s not me. Grumpy comes to mind. Let me know the fix for that.


  6. Strewth, I reckon you’re on the right track for sure. I must say I usually work to the approach that if all else fails, simply remain out of control and see what develops…

    Note to self: Don’t look into Sherry’s eyes… 😉


  7. “[A] traveling hypnotist specializing in hoarding, who blogs”! Me, too! I’m still learning to let go of fear, especially as I take the big leap into freelance writing. It’s been frustrating, as I try to find stuff to do. But, the challenge is equally exhilarating because I’m finally doing what I want to do.


  8. I decided that this year will be the year of not putting off difficult conversations…I started today…there is no time like the present and now I can move on to happier more positive conversations, which I prefer….


  9. I love it!! None of us knows which avenues will bear fruit, so we might as well try a few. Keep that creative spirit going and ride the synchronicity.

    Good luck!


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