Egyptian Cats and European Dogs

It’s funny how you primarily see a certain species of animal in certain countries.  Looking through photos from recent trips…I realized I only have photos of cats while in Egypt (2009) and dogs while in Europe (2010)!




On a trip to Paris with my niece – 2007


Stranger with her dog in Cannes, France – 2010


Dog standing guard in Lisbon, Portugal – 2010


I love the look on the little boy’s face regarding his sister while walking their dogs – Barcelona – 2010


I’ve almost always had dogs..a few cats..mainly because my husband is allergic.

Do you have a favorite?

32 thoughts on “Egyptian Cats and European Dogs

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  2. Lovely photos, quite noticable how all the cats are self sufficient and without humans around. Apart from the dog on guard at the fruit stall, who appears to be looking for his owner, all the others are with someone. That is why I like dogs best, they are sociable creatures, with cats it is all cupboard love…


  3. You have only cats in your photos from Egypt probably because as an Islamic country they believe is “haram” (not allowed by God) to keep dogs inside the house. That’s how those animals becamed so popular everywhere. But they also love dogs. Awsome pics!All the best to you!


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