The Wild Side of Put-in-Bay

If you’re looking for fun in the sun, dancing, a few adult beverages, and people in skimpy bathing suits, Put-in-Bay is the place to visit!  Although my friends and I didn’t bring our bathing suits for our day on the Island, we didn’t let that prevent us from making a stop at one of the swimming pools Put-in-Bay is famous for.  We bring the party with us no matter where we’re at!  My friend Shari moving to the beat…



Although the pool bar looked inviting, the non-humid 80 degree weather was perfect for lounging around with our clothing on.


While driving around on our golf cart a bit earlier in the day, we passed the Blue Marlin Motel overflowing with party revelers!


You never know what you’ll see walking down the street…men in pink tutus with big ta-tas!


We briefly stopped at a Put-in-Bay favorite…the Roundhouse Bar.


Whatever you’re looking for, I’m sure you can find it here at Put-in-Bay!

9 thoughts on “The Wild Side of Put-in-Bay

  1. I was thinking how much I would love to visit this place and then I took a second look at that picture of the pool bar. There are 9 men in that pool bar shot and one woman. Those are amazing odds. Now I know I would love to visit this place!


  2. Hey girl, you are in my neck of the woods! I didn’t know they had a swim up bar; never been there. Yeah, who doesn’t love Put-In-Bay?! Frosty’s pizza used to be the best. Did you see the canons? Great photos as always!:)


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