Tourist in My City – Cincinnati, Ohio

Thursday was a sunny day in the 40’s here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I mapped a route on Google Maps, grabbed my camera and set off to explore and see what fun photographs I could find.  I stopped in Mt. Lookout first and found a few interesting subjects and made my way to Columbia Tusculum.  Both of these towns are on the East side of Cincinnati.  If you’re in the area, I recommend having a burger at Terry’s Turf Club…shown below.  I’ve met the owner a few times.  His eccentricity shines through with his lawn decor!  The atmosphere inside is very small and lively!  Definitely have one of their blackberry martinis…they’re beyond yummy and if you drink two…there’s no telling what you might do!


Often there’s a wait, so these chairs come in handy.


At the beginning of my day, I stopped to fill my gas tank and saw this Mexican Food Restaurant next door.  Sometimes, as things age, start to peel and to become imperfect, their beauty grows.


Loving the vines on this church in Mt. Lookout!


I stopped in a bookstore and as usual asked the owner or shopkeeper if I may take some photos.  In this case, he was an older gentleman and with much skepticism he inquired “Why”?  I explained that I have a blog and it’s to help me become a better photographer and to illustrate that art surrounds us.  Even after the explanation he seemed hesitant, but acquiesced.  Of course, the older books possessed the most character.


This is one of those Chinese lanterns hanging in a shop…


I stopped in a shop (not a candy shop) that had gummy bears


This was taken in a Veterinarian’s office.  I took numerous photos of a fish tank filled with colorful fish…but none of them were that great.  So you get a wooden fish.  I learned something new…there was a sign that talked about how different human foods are poisonous to animals.  I knew about chocolate…but grapes, raisins, onions and garlic are also.


LOVE this color!  This house is located in Columbia Tusculum…


This beauty is called the Columbia Baptist Church…



Tomorrow there are some funky shots in O’bryonville!

43 thoughts on “Tourist in My City – Cincinnati, Ohio

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  11. You always have such unique and colorful photographs! I love to just look at them! But I want from time to time to say, you are similar to me, in the respect that I like to have the details recorded in my photo album,


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  13. When I looked at the picture of gummy bears, my mind screamed “Gummy Bearrrrrrrrrrrrr”. I used to like eating this as my snack when I was in my youth. Not sure its brand is the same as sold in Thailand or not. Liked the red one, though 🙂


  14. Stunning Spirit! Loved your comment about old things, considering that yesterday was my b’day. I once dated a man from Cincinnati and learned about the chile. That is the first thing I think about when I see or read the name Cincinnati–NOT the man, the chile! 😉


  15. Thanks for guiding me …. the blue house is so lovely – your city is very colorful … you should try to sell your photos to your tourist information or your city’s website. You have taken some brilliant photo all together from you city. Not going to say again that it’s an amazing gallery.


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