Crackin’ my Whip

I kept a secret from all of you!  Last year during my 40 day African adventure through six countries, I purchased a leather bullwhip from our Tour Guide for $100.00.  I know…you’re probably thinking, “Why would she have done that?”.  Well…it’s fun, it’s a challenge (to not hurt yourself), and it’s somewhat meditative.

Anyway, yesterday a friend came over for lunch and to pick up a camera he purchased from me for a backpacking trip to Colorado and I showed the whip to him.  It didn’t take much prodding to get him to try it.  After a couple of minutes he got the hang of it and was crackin’ the whip!  We videotaped each other, so I thought you might like to see mine.  I played around with the iMovie settings to make it go fast, slow and backwards, in addition to normal.

What do you think?  Next time I think I’ll wear high heels and a skirt!


37 thoughts on “Crackin’ my Whip

  1. Sherry, you are some girl …. you need high heels and animal printed body suit to make the picture complete. You were brilliant with the wipe, but dangerous. *smile


  2. I can’t believe I actually took the time out of my busy morning to watch a woman cracking a whip! I could just see myself getting the whip wrapped around my neck and strangling myself… you are obviously very coordinated. Good editing job too!


  3. LOL! Well, this is a first for me! If anyone should ask me, “What did you do this morning?” I’m going to say, “I watched a woman play with her bullwhip in her back yard!” I don’t have much to judge by, but in my opinion you are a dang gone good bull-whipper!


  4. Too much shoulder,the crack comes from the wrist, you shouldn’t have to throw your arm into it it should be very natural and flowing from your core out to the fall of the whip, Very nice though! and a good bargain for just 100 bucks! I never know quite what to expect from your blog.. not that it is a complaint or a bad thing at all.


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