Drive by Harley Shooting

Drive by Harley shooting takes on a whole new meaning when you snap photos while traveling 30-40 mph on the back of a Harley!  The other night was perfect for a short Harley ride to pick up some cheap sunglasses (since I keep scratching and losing mine) at the dollar store and some frozen yogurt at orange leaf.  Before anyone says anything…I know we should be wearing helmets.


We ran into these teenagers at the dollar store.  They asked Randy which flowers he liked the best and I told them about my blog and asked if I could take their photo.  They were so surprised and eager!


While sitting at a red light, I snapped this one.  Later when I was showing Randy the photos he didn’t seem too enthralled with any of them, but especially this one.  I think it’s quite artsy!  But then again, I’m not too interested when he’s talking about what gun he’s shooting, the name brand of a tractor he’d love to have, or a silly funny sit-com on television.


I’ve been to an orange leaf once before and love their bright decor…


It’s easy to see why they may be profitable.  Being a self-serve set-up means you can’t resist trying the “caramel apple” flavor or “root beer float” or “brownie batter”.  You get the picture!  Not to mention their toppings…”Reese’s Cups”, “Nuts”, “Coconut”, “Oreos“, etc.


Of course I saw something to take a photo of while enjoying my yogurt…


The sky was spectacular again on the drive home…


Everything is whizzing by and I’m feeling happy and free…


We stopped to take a photo of this deer.  I didn’t get off of the motorcycle though….


More sunset…


Goodnight sky!

15 thoughts on “Drive by Harley Shooting

  1. I LOVE the photo with the blurring scenes on the roadside. Oh! That brings back memories and made me reach down to touch the scar on my leg where I burned it on a hot pipe, clinging to a hot guy on a hot summer night 35 years ago. Beauty. Thanks for the ride!


  2. Totally love the top image because taking images like this , you don’t really prepare yourself for it. It’s really an instinct thing I think, and the moovement that comes with it really brings a good vibe! Great


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