Discover Treasures While Hiking

Hiking is such a great way to get exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, and if you’re a photographer, discover treasures along the way!  I’m fortunate to live five minutes away from a 500 acre nature preserve filled with burbling creeks, tons of wildlife, wildflowers, 4 miles of hiking trails and if timed correctly, I can usually have it all to myself.  Tuesday evening my husband, my dog and I took a 3 mile hike and here are some of my discoveries…

Not sure what these are called, but I like…



Trying to get a bit artsy here…


Here’s Jake…sitting upon command…ready to take off!


It was close to dusk , so for some of the photos I tried the dusk/dawn setting to see what it does.  Definitely brings out the color!


Peeking from the dark forest into the field…


I wish I cared what the names of plants/flowers were…


Pretty purply pink…


I played around with my iPhoto settings on this one and thought it looked pretty cool.  It’s a tiny flower…about an inch across…


I also saw rabbits, deer, and birds.  It’s great when you can combine three of your passions…hiking, nature and photography!

23 thoughts on “Discover Treasures While Hiking

  1. Beautiful photos and stunning colours. I have never enjoyed walking until I got a camera. Now I absolutely love it. I see such beauty through the lens that I have never previously noticed. Thank you. Blessings dear friend.


  2. The first picture is of teasels or teazels depending on your nationality. They are used for raising the nap on fabric and said to be the inspiration for Velcro, which you will understand if you stick one on your clothing. So there you have it in one photo – art, history, science, nature and language. Well done! Lovely photos.


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  4. Wonderful to have this nature preserve so close to home. All the great things that are so much better when studied and photographed. I am grateful for our eyes to see them. Thanks for the taking photos and sharing part, too!


  5. These are really nice. Thanks for taking us along – and I too wish I cared enough to learn the names of plants and birds. 🙂 I guess I am just into enjoying them.


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