Finding Art in the Denver Airport and having fun in spite of being stranded due to flash flooding in the sunshine State of Colorado

After checking the weather forecast for Denver and Estes Park, Colorado a couple of days ago, I mentally prepared myself for the near constant rain that we would encounter the first few days of our trip to Colorado.  I brought my workout clothes and researched other activities in the Rocky Mountain National Park area to replace hiking.  We arrived yesterday and I had a few hours to kill at the Denver Airport waiting for my girlfriend Gina’s flight to arrive.  Here are some photos from the Airport…


I love the ceiling!  It creates an airy, light atmosphere.  I read that it’s supposed to resemble snow-capped mountains.  While researching the airport, I discovered it’s the largest airport in the United States.

I found a spot in one of the baggage claim areas that was empty to talk on the phone and read.


Since smoking Marijuana was recently legalized in the State of Colorado, I was surprised how many agents with drug sniffing dogs were in the Airport.  I saw at least four during the three-hour wait.  One of them came over to me when I was sitting alone in the baggage claim area.  Flying on 911 may have something to do with it.

There are some beautiful murals on the walls of the Airport…


I had a delicious asparagus, mushroom, swiss cheese breakfast bagel from Einstein Bros. Bagels.  I limit my intake of bread and carbs, so it was a treat!


The statue of pioneer aviator Elrey B. Jeppesen in the Denver Airport is pretty cool…


Here’s a close-up…


Gina’s flight arrived on time and after picking up our rental car, I snapped a photo from our moving vehicle of this cool, but controversial statue named “Blue Mustang” with numerous nicknames such as “Devil Horse” and “Satan’s Steed”.  The sculptor, Luis Jimenez, died when a piece of the sculpture fell and severed one of his arteries.


After checking the weather forecast again this morning, it looks like there is statewide flooding, people being evacuated from their homes, and even a death.  This is the view from our condo.  There is a fast-moving river that is flooding the resort…


I called the front desk and was told that all roads leading out of Estes Park are closed down from flooding.  We sure picked a good week to visit the sunshine state!

I’m glad that Gina and I can remain optimistic and still have fun in spite of the weather!

29 thoughts on “Finding Art in the Denver Airport and having fun in spite of being stranded due to flash flooding in the sunshine State of Colorado

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  3. Great pictures, and as usual, love your narrative – and mystified by your deep content. I need to stretch to find the time to read these, (many on future hold) how do you organize it? Nice work! M


  4. Looks a lot better than Heathrow! Love the pics and the narrative. That horse sculpture is incredible but I wouldn’t want to bump into it on a dark night. Hope the flooding eases off soon, good you can still have fun. We Brits have learnt to have a good time no matter what the weather otherwise we wouldn’t do anything 😉


  5. Nice photos! I hate flying but love airports 🙂 I hope you get to do everything that you want to do on your trip and that the weather clears up soon. I am in CA for 6 weeks and I am really enjoying the weather here. Coming from the MS Gulf Coast where we have thunderstorms almost every day I am not missing the rain one bit!


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