High School Graduation Photo Shoot

High School Graduation photo shoots are a much-anticipated event for seniors across the United States!  I was excited when my second cousin…Maddie asked me to be her photographer!  As you can see, she’s a beautiful young lady!  She’s intelligent, athletic, and knows what she likes.  After taking photographs Tuesday evening, we arranged for her to come by my house on Wednesday and look through the 300 photographs and decide which were her favorites.  She brought her friend Ellie along, who is also beautiful, bright and a delight to be around!  Ellie recently had her photos taken by a photographer and spent over 10 times the amount Maddie is spending with me and didn’t like a couple of them very well.  She feels that if she had been able to look through the photographs and pick out the ones that she liked her expression in, she would have been more pleased.  Sometimes, just a subtle difference in the shape of the mouth, the look in the eyes, or the angle of the body can change their feeling of the photograph.  I think Maddie really enjoyed being able to have a bigger role in picking out the photographs.  As a bonus…we were able to spend some quality time together…I made dinner…they shot guns for the first time with my husband at our backyard shooting range and even took a tractor ride!

I liked all of the photos, but she had some favorites that weren’t mine and vice versa.  This one we both liked…


We met at Ault Park in Cincinnati and spent over 2 hours taking photographs.  She changed clothes three times for a total of four outfits.


I really like the photographs that she is smiling in because she has such a beautiful smile!


She likes photos that are darker and/or that have more of a yellow sun-kissed glow…such as the first photo…so we changed the temperature of some of the photographs.


We thought this photo had more of an artistic flair…


We both liked the sun in the bottom left of this photograph…


She’s not one to wear much makeup and prefers the natural look…



This is one of my favorites…


And this is one of her favorites…


We did so many different poses…her jumping from a ledge down at me…laying on the grass…etc. etc.  It was tons of fun!  We’ve invited them to go boating with us this weekend, along with my niece, nephew, and possibly my son and his girlfriend!

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