“Selfie” photos are new to me.  Even if I’m traveling solo, I will ask someone to take my photo.  But usually I’m taking photos of other people, landscapes or things.  Since acquiring a corded remote shutter release, I took some “Selfies” yesterday for the holiday in front of my Christmas tree.  I purchased Lightroom 5 a few weeks ago and have been teaching myself, along with help from the internet, to utilize it.  On this photo, I used the teeth whitener function, not only on my teeth (they didn’t need much), but also on my eye whites and used the skin smoothing function.  It’s my new Facebook profile photo!


Also…I have great news!  A local marketing company called me because they found a photo on this website and wanted to purchase it.  So I sent them an invoice and a high-resolution copy of it.  I’m gradually making progress.  Hope you make it a great day!  We’re expecting six inches of snow today!

33 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Sherry, you are truly a beautiful woman to look at too .. not only heart and soul. Stunning photo!!! Lovely to read about your progress .. and that you have been noticed. Keep on going, Sherry.


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