21c Museum Hotel and Gilpin’s Steamed Sandwiches

Walking through the 21c Museum Hotel is an experience not to be missed in Cincinnati!  Friday night, my friend and I began our evening attending the Art after Dark event at the Cincinnati Art Museum, followed by Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center in Over the Rhine, and finished the evening with a walk through the trendy 21c Museum Hotel, and a yummy steamed sandwich at Gilpin’s Steamed Sandwiches next door!  By the time I got home, it was almost 2:00am!  But it was worth it…we had fun.

The next few images are pieces of art you will discover at this boutique hotel


This piece looks like a photograph…


As we were walking, I looked up and was amazed to see this modern colorful hanging art display…


These appear as if someone collected pieces of clouds and placed them in containers…


I saw this beautiful carpeted spiral staircase the last time I was in the hotel, but it was just as visually pleasing the second time around.


I’m not sure what the name of this place is.  It’s located next door to the 21c Museum Hotel.  I love the decor…so inviting!


We stopped at Gilpin’s Steamed Sandwiches in the same block and I just had to take a photograph of this employee’s neon colored dreadlocks!


I like their late night menu…”Drunk Menu”!


I had the #3 – Veggie sandwich on a pretzel bun with melted cheese…so delicious and my friend, Jena had #5 – a Doritos sandwich!


Walking to my car, we passed this outdoor chandelier!


I have to say, Cincinnati has some surprises up its sleeve!

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14 thoughts on “21c Museum Hotel and Gilpin’s Steamed Sandwiches

  1. Gosh, Cincinnati has just gone from nowhere to near the top of my Places to Go list. As the fellow commenter above says, you make it look so great, fun and stylish. And i know you’re not lying. Job done. Take a bow. And yes, to the other visitor, who said the city should be paying you. Agreed, Email them next week. Tell them I sent ya.


  2. Nice images Sherry! I was at the 21C when it first opened a few years ago. Coming from Dallas, I thought it was fairly forward for Cincinnati! Like the look of the snack shop next door… menu is super cool!!


  3. The photo of the stairs is my favorite …. excellent shot – like you way of thinking. The chandelier is too … The sandwich look a bit dry.
    Wonderful and exciting post.


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