Glamour and Glow

Last night I did a photo shoot for iSPYCINCY at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky of an event called Glamour and Glow.  It was colorful, exciting and electric!  I’ve never shot pics of models with neon paint, so it was a challenge.  I knew I wouldn’t be using flash and would need to shoot high ISO.  One of the challenges were spotlights flashing in different intensities and colors.  Sometimes my light meter would register too dark or too light.  As you can see, the attendees were provided with special viewing glasses.


This mermaid was cool…


This little guy was so sweet.  You’ll see another photo down below where he’s balancing on a ball.


I arrived early with the hopes of going backstage.  There was lots of activity and a couple of other photographers, so I just walked on back.  It was interesting to see them prepare for the night’s performance!


Some of them are almost like circus performers.  This guy can juggle and has a large hula hoop that he gets inside of to roll around.




The DJ had the techno music going…







This girl’s eyes look pretty intense!


I have a Sorority Formal Dance photo shoot tomorrow night…sounds like fun!

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