Water and Wine in Amsterdam

I left off yesterday having arriving in Amsterdam by overnight train from Munich for a three-day visit and promised I would share with you some of the beautiful canals that so generously weave their magic through the City!  I also mentioned how Amsterdam is one of my favorite European Cities.  The architecture, canals, culture and laid-back vibe merge to create an atmosphere that to me, is quite special!


This one reminds me of James Bond…


I had so much fun taking the metro or trams and walking around the City to see as much as I could in the limited time I had.



It reminded me of Venice…only better!


I wanted to take a photograph of every canal I saw…especially when the light was special!


All of that walking and photographing leaves a girl hungry, so I met up with Richard and Tobias for a pizza with everything on it, including an egg in the middle!  Don’t forget the wine!!


There’s more of Amsterdam tomorrow!!

17 thoughts on “Water and Wine in Amsterdam

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  2. I didn’t realize that Amsterdam rivaled Venice in terms of the canals. AND another place that thinks adding eggs to things is a plus. Another great post! 🙂


  3. That surely is Pizza with everything! It looks awesome! I enjoyed Amsterdam immensely but it was a one and done day trip for me. Very commercialized and touristy but you got some of the best shots. I will get around to posting my day in Amsterdam too. I really, really liked Leiden which is a smaller and more quaint version of the big A. Nice gallery Sherry.


    • It seemed most of the Cities I went to were “touristy”, but there is definitely some cool photography to capture in those spots. I live in the Country, so it’s nice to get to the City also. Thanks!


  4. How I’ve missed your blog… somehow you just disappeared off my radar… but I’m back and glad I am,. I’ve always loved your photos and post… something of interest every time… and this one is no exception…. nice to be back on your blog Sherry…


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