Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter and Vondelpark

The area in Amsterdam known as the Museum Quarter or District is beautiful!  I just happened upon it while racing from Vondelpark to meet my friends at The Heineken Experience.  If you want culture, then this is the place!  The Rijkmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) are located in this area.  Straight ahead in this photograph you’ll notice the iAmsterdam in red and white.  People were sitting on the letters and some even climbing!

One quick story…while running to get on a Metro going somewhere (can’t remember where because I went through ten Cities in 27 days…that’s a lotta trains/and I guess it really doesn’t matter where for the story), just as I made it in before the doors shut and was jockeying for space, a lady with a large grocery bag and her two children with scooters were right behind me, unbeknownst to me.  The doors shut on her, the kids fall over onto their scooters like dominoes, they start screaming and crying and luckily the doors open and the lady squeezes in.  I was trying to help the children up, but was so tightly crammed in, I couldn’t bend over.  That wasn’t fun.


I love how they’ve formed the trees…


In the late morning, the chill long gone, I traipsed through Amsterdam’s revered urban park…Vondelpark, observing the palette of greens generated by the shafts of sunlight.  Vondelpark reminds me of Central Park in New York City.  There were lots of people out jogging, walking, and bicycling…enjoying the weekend!


Here are some additional places I passed during my self-guided tours…


Every day I passed this interesting statue hanging down towards one of the canals near where I was staying…


I’m back to the Airbnb again and the “half car” just waiting to have its photo taken!


Tomorrow, I’ll take you to The Heineken Experience!

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