Baby Lockland

My newborn baby photography session on Saturday was extraordinary, sweet, draining, and funny!  I drove 45 minutes to the client’s home and luckily they had a huge window in the living room that provided spectacular natural light.  While the mother was finishing feeding the baby, I took some photos of their very active and darling three-year old daughter.  But first, I’ll show you some of my favorites of the baby.  I initially told my friend (the Grandmother) that we should set the appointment up for the photos when he was two to three weeks old.  This being my first newborn photo shoot, I didn’t realize until later that the pros recommend taking the photos when the newborn is 10 to 14 days old.  Lockland is 3 1/2 weeks old, so he wasn’t quite as sleepy and flexible, but he did great!  After checking out poses on Pinterest to come up with some ideas, I brought a large wicker basket with me and took this shot…


The Grandmother brought a large Christmas stocking for us to place the baby in.  It looks like he’s saying “ho..ho..ho”!


Of course, I used Lightroom to soften his baby acne…


and little Audrey is so so cute and precocious!  I’m sure she isn’t used to sharing the limelight, so it was difficult to get her to sit still, but I managed to take a few photos of her…


I brought this black backdrop for some photos and while taking them, little Lockland had to use the restroom…uh oh! (That was the funny moment…not then, but thinking about it later)



This photo of Mom and baby is precious!



This is also one of my favorites from the shoot…


A special moment with Daddy…


What beautiful children!


27 thoughts on “Baby Lockland

  1. Baby is so sweet in his yawn and his stocking. My oldest daughter did this for my first grandson, her son, Skyler. She has been using her artistic talent in different ways, but wish she has ‘stuck’ with her photography. She attended CCAD in Columbus and her favorite courses were in photography, Sherry! Your photos of Audrey were adorable, too. She will treasure the one with Daddy’s chin and nose, in her hair.


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