My brother and family

This past weekend, I had fun taking photographs of my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece.  The weather wasn’t suitable for outside shots, so we racked our brains trying to think of places to get some cool and interesting photos.  We finally decided to meet in Downtown Cincinnati and check out some of the hotels.  This fun Christmas shot was taken in the Westin Hotel lobby.  It took a while because people kept walking behind them!


There’s a skywalk that provided good lighting…


My nephew and niece are are in their twenties…can hardly believe it!


They’re up for trying anything…


Steps inside one of the hotels provided another interesting look…


Walking outside in the blustery wind, I peeked inside of the Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel and spied four modern chairs in the lobby that were perfect for head shots, so we ducked in!


My niece looks like a supermodel here!


Kathy is the sweetest sister-in-law!


My brother looks quite dashing here…


Out last stop was Fountain Square…


Searching out spots for good shots can be fun…but it takes up valuable shooting time.  I need to do some additional research and come up with more locations!


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