New Playmate at the Beach

My husband arrived in Florida yesterday and I was one happy camper beachcomber!  I greeted him in the airport parking lot with a kiss and a homemade frozen Pina Colada.  We enjoyed a delicious fish dinner at the condo that evening with our friends Wayne and Deanna.  This morning following a fun bicycle ride, we headed to Fort Myers beach for relaxation and a nice long walk on the beach.  Of course I took my camera to see what new sights I could capture…


This colorful mermaid kite caught my eye…


It was the warmest day yet…in the low 80’s, and with the holidays almost here, there were lots of people!  Looking towards the sun…


and the other direction…


Remember to look down occasionally…


Here’s my new playmate…looking quite handsome and festive!


Florida got a little brighter since his arrival!


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