2014 in Review

2014 has been a year filled with photography and travel…Imagine that!  Comparing my 2013 in Review: jogging, biking, hiking, and a bit of water skiing continued to keep my over 55-year-old body lookin’ good, along with lots of new recipes and mostly healthy eating!

This year became more balanced with less play and more work…which means more money…hallelujah!  During the summer I worked part-time for a farm at their Fruit & Vegetable Stands (until my back couldn’t take it any more).

I’ve had over 20 photo shoots for my own business, “Sherry Lachelle Photography”…including baby photos…



A few of the Senior photos…




12-year-old birthday photos


and photos for my Nephew who is in the military…


I attended more parties, festivals, and events this year, but as a photographer for Cincinnati Refined.  I also became a Travel Writer with 12 published articles!!  My third job this year has been helping two separate retirees organize their paperwork and possessions.  The gentleman’s wife passed away this summer, and I took him out for a movie and popcorn.

Photographing 29 events for Cincinnati Refined, including…

Glamour n Glow event…


Galloping Pig Polo event for charity…


and the vibrant “Color Run”…


For fun, I went to Luminocity…


We took friends boating…


and I captured my first photographs of fireworks at the Red White & Blue Ash Festival…


Guided groups through nine countries in Europe for a month (after five weeks of intense planning)…


Camping and boating with friends at Cave Run Lake, Kentucky…


Had a beautiful long girls’ weekend at Put-in-Bay, Ohio…


Spent a week exploring Washington, D.C. with my husband…


A relaxing long weekend with girlfriends at Hocking Hills State Park…


And of course…there is family.  My son spent Mother’s Day with me (along with lots of other get-togethers)…


We hosted a family reunion with mostly family you usually only see at funerals and weddings.  That’s my husband driving the tractor…


Jake and Kitty Kate are part of the family…


Kitty Kate


Oh…and I learned to make Limoncello!  Yummy!!


December was spent in Cape Coral, Florida near Fort Myers on the Gulf side.  I drove down with two girlfriends, who stayed for a week and flew home, another girlfriend visited for three nights, and my husband is visiting now until we drive home after the holidays.  I’ve visited a few beaches…


Witnessed many sunsets…


 Taken a few day trips and explored museums…




Had fun kayaking and dining out…


and captured many birds in flight…


Some of my favorite books this year: Cutting for Stone; The Signature of All Things, Me Before You, The Book Thief; The Language of Flowers; A Short History of Nearly Everything; The Baker’s Daughter; The Invention of Wings; Unbroken; Orphan Train, The Death of Bees, Bastard Out of South Carolina and The Gift of Imperfection.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!  Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you so much for your support! xoxoxo


26 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  1. A beautiful family. Beautiful photos. I especially like Jake, who looks like he would fit in with our family nicely, in case there’s ever a little Jake running around. Let me know. It sounds like you certainly had a mostly good year. Here’s to a mostly great 2015!


  2. You’ve taken some great photos all year long, Sherry, and I certainly wish the best for you and your family in the coming year. I also hope your photography business takes off in 2015, as more people realize what a keen eye you have for subject matter, color, shadows, etc.


  3. Great selections for your Year in Review…..loved all your photos! You are amazing and talented and I have really enjoyed your blogs & pictures. Happy New Year 2015 with many more memories & photos to come…..


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