Hiking at Buzzardroost Rock & don’t forget the Wine

Buzzardroost Rock is a moderately difficult 3.5 – 4.4 mile round trip trail (depending on where you begin) in the Edge of Appalachia Preserve system of Adams County, Ohio.  Far above the waters of Ohio Brush Creek, the panoramic scene from this hilltop has been called Ohio’s most spectacular view.  I organized the hike through Tri-State Hiking Club, one of my meetup.com organizations and guided approximately 20 people.  Most of us met at a carpool location because the trail is almost an hour and one-half from Cincinnati.

The view is outstanding!


Here I am looking quite triumphant having reached the top.


All of the colorful jackets and accessories added some pizzazz to the dreary scenery!


The trail is relatively flat until it’s not!  Then we went up…up…up for a while.


Meranda-Nixon Winery, located in Ripley, Ohio is about 35 minutes from the trail, so I had lined up a wine tasting at their venue.  They’re generally not open this time of year, but opened especially for us, and allowed us to bring in our own picnic lunch!



Here are two of their dogs.  Notice the right guy’s ear…ouch!


The fence line was interesting…


One of their horses wanted his photo taken…


The weather was glorious…almost 50 degrees, compared to this time a week ago at 0 degrees!  Hiking in winter is a great way to get some outdoor exercise.

13 thoughts on “Hiking at Buzzardroost Rock & don’t forget the Wine

  1. I personally love the dreary scenes of winter. I would love to find a hiking club that didn’t “challenge” us in distance right off the bat. Looks like a lot of fun.


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