The Life of an Event Photographer

Before I even dreamed of becoming an Event Photographer, I was living the life of one.  Most everywhere I’d go, you would find me taking photographs of people, things, and the beauty around us, and it was something I truly loved!  They say, find something you’d do for free, that you’re good at, are passionate about and doors will open.  The door opened for me through Twitter almost 18 months ago.  A friend saw a tweet from a local online magazine for Channel 12 in Cincinnati and notified me.  I met with the Editor and was hired as a Freelance photographer and occasional Travel Writer.  With almost 40 events and 15 articles under my belt, it’s been a great experience and I continue to learn and grow.

Because I live about 35 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, I usually drive at least that far to an event, and spend about 90 minutes at the event, taking atmosphere shots and at least 20 posed photos of people.  At home, I upload the photos to Lightroom, do a little cropping, etc., and then upload them onto the magazine’s sight, along with captions and names.  I find the difficult part of the job to be writing down all of the names at the event.  It’s usually loud (i.e. music playing, etc.), and there are some funky (hard to spell) names out there.  As in life, you take the not so good with the great!  Here are some of the events from February and March.

Prohibition Party at The Woodward Theater


Bockfest in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

(my hands were freezing that day)


Celestial Ball (a benefit for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) at the Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Encore after party at the University Club

CSO Encore 32

Cincinnati Heart Ball for the American Heart Association


Reelabilities Meet the Stars and Red Carpet Gala

John Lawson, Kevin Pearce (former U.S. Snowboarding Champion), and Kurt Yaeger (Sons of Anarchy)


Danny Woodburn, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, and Teddy Kremer


Marlee Matlin with Nick and Nina Clooney



Cincy Winter Beerfest, held at the Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio


I’m going to reach out to other magazines and organizations for more business!

16 thoughts on “The Life of an Event Photographer

  1. Such a wonder to see your path, immersing yourself in your travel adventures, developing your blog and photography, and onward to your full blown photography career. You have a beautiful vision, a caring heart, and wisdom about life. Thanks for the joy you have brought us!


  2. Way to go, Sherry. It’s been an impressive journey, you’ve done so well. I recall following you about 2 years,or more and in that short time, just about when you bought a new DSLR, your progress has been on a steady rise – It’s been almost like a text book learning experience… and it really looks like your enjoying yourself. M 🙂


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