In Heaven at Villa Rhapsody

I arrived from Edinburgh, Scotland to the Dalaman Airport near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey at 9pm in mid-September, 2015.  The flight was direct and took 4 1/2 hours.  After much research, I chose accommodations at Villa Rhapsody in the town of Kayakoy, which is located between the towns of Fethiye and Oludeniz.  A private shuttle met me for the hour drive to the Villa, which is owned by a couple named Atilla (from Turkey) and Jeanne (from Holland–I believe).  It was after 10pm, and Atilla offered me a drink of my choice on the house, so I chose a glass of white wine.  We talked briefly and then hit the hay.  The rooms were basic (you typically just sleep and bath in them anyway), but the property and the food were outstanding!

The following morning I woke early and went in search of coffee armed with my camera.  The Villa is small with 16 rooms.  Six people had signed up to join me for an 8 night trip to the Turkish Mediterranean and Istanbul through my site: “Travel Spirit Meetup” and were due to arrive during the day.

The pool and outdoor dining area were perfect!


The bar to the left of the pool, where many interesting conversations occurred and a few refreshing cocktails (Vodka with cherry juice and fresh lemon) were imbibed …


the peaceful view from my room…


one of their four cats…


the staircase window view…


another kitty…


feeling creative…




view from the pool area…


from my balcony of one of their two doggies…


beautiful light fixtures in the bar’s ceiling…


a Turkish breakfast…


I had to pack carefully due to the climate differences between Ireland/Scotland and the Turkish Mediterranean.  During our four day stay, in between the sightseeing, I enjoyed a few dips in the pool.


The attention to detail and the simple, yet colorful decor created a tranquil and lush environment!

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