2015 in Review

Looking back at my photographs from 2015, the year was filled with fun, family, friends, and travel!  In the Spring, I drove to Amish country in northern Ohio from Cincinnati and had a wonderful day taking photographs of the lovely countryside!


In August, my annual girls’ weekend at Put-in-Bay, Ohio was so much fun!  Last year we had a blast there and decided to return.


My travel business “Travel Spirit Meetup” is growing with over 300 members and in September I took six people to the Mediterranean coast where we hiked along the Lycian Way trail and explored the cute villages.  Our second stop to Istanbul exceeded all expectations!  Turkish people are so friendly!


The view from our hike along the Lycian Way near Fethiye, Turkey…


I also spent an amazing week in Ireland and Scotland!  Edinburgh, Scotland‘s architecture and history can’t be beat!


The ha’ penny bridge in Dublin, Ireland


Ringing in the New Year, two girlfriends and I spent a week in the Cape Coral/Ft. Myers, Florida area.


Continuing to work as a photographer for Cincinnati Refined, I had 36 photography assignments and wrote nine travel articles.  One of the assignments was for the ReelAbilities Film Festival and was excited to photograph Marlee Matlin, Nick Clooney, and his wife.


Laurie Holden from the Walking Dead at King’s Island, Ohio…


The Prohibition Party…


The Urban Trials held at Yeatman’s Cove, Cincinnati…


and the Thanksgiving Day 10k race…to name a few.


I photographed a friend’s birthday party for one of her daughters through my photography business “Sherry Lachelle Photography“.


My first outdoor wedding…


Senior Portraits…





Spending time with family was special!  For one of our family get-togethers, my husband and I took our son and his girlfriend to the Museum Center in Cincinnati and we spent an afternoon along the Ohio River.


Our extended family Christmas:  My brother (2nd from left), his wife in front of him, my husband (next to me…but you can’t see his face), my brother’s ex-wife on the left and her husband behind her, her brother on the far right, my niece and nephew, and a high school exchange student from Norway.


I prepared lots of recipes this year and enjoyed hiking, biking, trail jogging, yoga, and boating!  I attended lots of parties, big and small.

Some of my favorite books this year:  The Storyteller, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, A House in the Sky, I know why the Caged Bird Sings, The Goldfinch, Calling me Home, The House Girl, The Enchanted, The Nightingale, Little Bee, The Time Keeper, Secrets of a Charmed Life, and Grandma Gatewood’s Walk.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and thank you so much for your support! xoxoxo


27 thoughts on “2015 in Review

  1. You did have a very busy and exciting year! I’m glad I got to see some of it. Funny, I spent New Years Eve in Cape Coral this year (2015/2016). I suspect the one you posted about was 2014/2015. It would have been cool had they been the same year and we bumped into each other. Happy New Year and I look forward to see your work this year.

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  2. Sherry you are a true adventurer and artist. What exquisite pics. I luv Marlee Matlin. One of my fav movies is: Children of a Lesser God. So for me….that would’ve done it!!! We will be sharing these pics & post on our page & can’t wait to see what 2016 brings in the way of pics by Sherry!!! xoxo 😉


    • Thank you so much Inion! I don’t think I’ve seen that movie…will have to rent it! This year is looking to be absolutely fabulous! Going to Grand Cayman Island this month, taking people to 3 countries in Central America next month, and escorting people on a third trip in June to six European countries, including Russia!! I’m so excited! xoxo


  3. Thanks, Sherry, for having let me participate in your life in 2015! 🙂 I wish you a wonderful 2016, especially with best of health, and I hope to follow you here again,


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