Arriving to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The small group of three people I am taking through Central America and I arrived to Lake Atitlan on Thursday, February 18th in the early evening.  The Airbnb I had reserved for us was stunning!  The gardens were overflowing with lush colorful blooms and the interior was filled with interesting decor!


The view from the wrap-around porch was phenomenal!  You can see one of the volcanoes in the horizon…


Upon our initial arrival to a village at Lake Atitlan on a shuttle from the airport in Guatemala City, we were required to take a 15 minute boat ride to the village we were staying at.  Throughout the stay, to visit a village we took a boat.  They looked like this…


Sometimes they were packed beyond full of people, but luckily this ride was comfortable.


The view from our Airbnb was gorgeous!


The inner courtyard was beautiful…


The outdoor tropical shower from one direction…


and then the other way towards the shower itself…


We had dinner at a local restaurant and returned to our lodging to relax and enjoy the view!


Our adventure at Lake Atitlan has begun!

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