Last Day on Grand Cayman

Our week on Grand Cayman Island couldn’t have been better!  In addition to the typical beach activities of relaxing by the pool and walking along the beach, we attempted Stand Up Paddle boarding, went sailing on a catamaran to Stingray City (definitely a highlight), visited the lush Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, listened to live music at Camana Bay, dined out at numerous restaurants including Sunshine Grill, Da Fish Shack, Agave Grill, attended a wild game themed dinner with our friends at their friends’ house, and had a tour of the island by our friends!  For our last day on Grand Cayman, our friends took us to The National Gallery of Grand Cayman to see the outdoor sculptures and back to Camana Bay to the observation deck (which was closed on our previous visit).

This gazing ball at The National Gallery of Grand Cayman reflects the beautiful sky and me…


We also took a swim at the pool and I ran for my camera when this bright green Iguana made an appearance!


The observation tower at Camana Bay is filled with colorful mosaic tiles…


Interesting angles and lines for photography…



The views are stunning!  You can see the ocean from one direction and then turn and see it in the opposite direction…



Framing photographs with existing windows makes for a cool shot…


Birds are always fun to snap and usually challenging…


A few more shots from The National Gallery.  Wayne looks like he’s holding the world…


They humored me for this photo of the labyrinth…


A lovely pergola…


There are so many activities and lovely sights to see on Grand Cayman Island!


13 thoughts on “Last Day on Grand Cayman

  1. Love the ball! And all the others! My wife and I visited the island a few years back but it was via cruise ship – just not the way to visit these wonderful places. No time!


  2. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. 😦 But you did have a fantastic island time. Well, you were on island time, weren’t you? Thanks for sharing, and have a safe trip home,


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