Learning Stand Up Paddle board

Learning to Stand Up Paddle Board can be challenging, especially if you’re using an inflatable board and you’re in the ocean with rocking waves!  Our friend Deanna is an avid Stand Up Paddle Boarder and gave us a few pointers before we hopped on.  Her boyfriend Wayne (also our friend/like family) took photos and movies of our session and I couldn’t help but post the funniest one of my husband about ready to fall forward…


Because he’s taller (6’4″) and heavier than I am, he had more difficulty standing up.


We were a bit worried about falling onto the sharp coral in shallow areas.  Here’s hubby falling…


My feet are in position as far apart as possible as instructed by Deanna…


For my first attempt, I was very pleased to have gotten up a few times and paddled!


Staying young is an attitude!  Keep trying new things and life is always an adventure!  I read something recently that resonated, “To have joy in your life, view everything as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it or the last time”.

6 thoughts on “Learning Stand Up Paddle board

  1. Another exciting post, Sherry. I cannot believe how fast the month of January went flying by. I missed stopping by and apologize. Last time I visited was to either say happy holidays or happy new year. . . 😦 So sorry! Smiles for your February and hearts sent to you as a good friend who understands how life happens.


    • Don’t apologize…I have a difficult time stopping by everyone’s blog regularly. Yes…I understand how life “happens” and it seems to go more smoothly when we don’t have expectations and go with the flow. 🙂


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