Window shopping in Antigua, Guatemala

I’m not much of a shopper for a variety of reasons: 1) would rather spend my money on travel; 2) don’t really make enough money to spend on more of the things I already have, i.e. purses, jewelry, clothing; and 3) I begin to feel tired and ill in shopping centers – probably from the chemicals.  My style of window shopping is to walk around a new City/Village (new to me), peek in establishments or at beautiful architecture and take photos.  The quaint City of Antigua has lots of opportunity for window shopping…


Well…there are windows in this photo!


This is Tanque La Union where the Mayan women gather to do their laundry and socialize.


The flowers and cross stood out to me while walking past this site…


More lovely flowers and the crumbling facade added to the charm…


The San Jose el Viejo is stunning!


Beautifully framed photos grace the walls of this studio…


Lots of treats for your sweet tooth!


Hanging small chairs on the wall is definitely an unusual form of decoration…


Always look up!


Visiting other countries gives you some good ideas to take home…stained glass for almost the entire wall.


Save some money next time you go shopping…bring back photos instead!

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