Hiking Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

Located 90 minutes drive time from Antigua, Guatemala, Pacaya Volcano is a great day trip for those seeking adventure!  Our driver picked us up at 6:00am so we’d get an early start for the three hour hike.  I had watched a video of someone hiking it and roasting a marshmallow over the flowing red lava, so my anticipation level was high!  When we arrived, our guide explained that after Pacaya erupted in 2010, there hasn’t been a river of red lava (darn!), but it turned out to be a great hike with beautiful weather and scenery!

You can see the steam behind me in this photo…


The two hour mostly uphill hike began on a short paved path…


We took a few minutes break on this overlook…


The view of another volcano was breathtaking!


As we approached the top, the landscape appeared almost alien…


Another group taking a rest…



Reaching the site where the other group was proved to be a cross between slip n slide and surfing…




Back up we go…


Even the doggies are tired!


Two of the people I brought on the trip had some fun kicking up ash…


Pacaya volcano has stunning scenery and provides great exercise!

7 thoughts on “Hiking Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

    • Hi Diane…Thanks for following since then! I’m not actually traveling full-time, I usually take a long trip (1 month) to Europe, a couple of long weekends somewhere, and a week or two in Florida, per year. Sometimes there’s an extra trip in there like this year to Central America. It’s been great though! 🙂


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