Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Located three hours by bus from Sofia and perched above the Yantra River, Veliko Tarnovo offers visitors narrow cobble stone streets lined with stone houses and amazing views!


Dating from the third millennium B.C., Veliko Tarnovo is seeped in history and was the former capital of Bulgaria before Sofia.


I reserved a room for one evening at the charming Gurko Hotel situated in Old Town with a view of the lovely homes overlooking the river.


The Samovokska Charshiya area is within walking distance from the hotel and the streets are lined with cafes and traditional craftsmen such as wood sculptors, potters, iron smiths, and carpet weavers.



Tsarevets Fortress is a highly fortified hill that protected Bulgarian rulers living on the site in the tsar’s palace.  It’s one of the highlights while visiting Veliko Tarnovo and is also within walking distance from the Gurko Hotel.

The main gate is impressive…


The Fortress grounds are beautifully maintained…


Dominating the surrounding countryside, the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of God is settled high on the hill.



Leaving the Fortress you’ll pass back through it’s massive gate…


A visit to Veliko Tarnovo takes you back in time!


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