Free Walking Tour of Bucharest

Walkabout Free Tour offers an informative and interesting free walking tour of some of the highlights of Bucharest, Romania.  After leaving Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria on a bus at 11:00am, transferring to another bus in Ruse, Bulgaria and arriving in Bucharest at 2:30pm, Jing and I took a 2 mile taxi ride to our Airbnb, where we hefted our luggage up to the fourth floor, which meant eight flights of steps!  I am determined to pack lighter for the next trip.  We settled in and walked a mile to meet up with the two hour walking tour. 

Some of the highlights they cover are the lovely Stavropoleos Convent…



The ruins of Vlad’s Citadel…


This is a bank…a rather nice one!


Statue of Trajan and the She-Wolf on the steps of the National Museum of Romanian History


This is the Central University Library of Bucharest from different angles and different times of day…



All of the buildings are massive in Bucharest and it became a blur to me as to what was what.  I’m more comfortable in smaller towns.  I like the modern look of this building.


Kretzulescu Church…


There is so much architecture in Bucharest!  The Palace of Parliament is the largest building but I didn’t take a photograph of it.


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