Bicycle Riding in Bucharest

I’m on a bus from Tallinn, Estonia to Riga, Latvia and have wifi…yeah!  Anyway, thought I’d continue on with my epic adventure through Eastern Europe.  For our second and final day in Bucharest I had planned to visit Tineretului Park, which was located about three miles from our Airbnb.  Upon arrival, we rented bicycles and discovered some beautiful features at the park…a lovely blue fountain to go with the blue sky…


A large clear green pond surrounded by a walking/biking path…


that’s me…


a modern and stylish metal bridge…


We cycled out of the park and after checking with a couple of people found Bellu Cemetery.  This was listed on Tripadvisor as an interesting place to explore and it was.  We stopped at a few of the headstones/monuments and this one was sad.  A little 10 year old former gymnist…


The flowers were nice and bright…


On the way back to our Airbnb, we passed some outdoor fruit and vegetable stands…


The following morning our Airbnb host was kind and called a taxi to take us to the Gara de Nord Train Station at 6:00am for our next destination in Sinai, Romania…the magnificent Peles Castle!  Here’s Jing looking pretty in her bright orange jacket…


Stay tuned for photos and info about the breathtaking Peles Castle!

14 thoughts on “Bicycle Riding in Bucharest

  1. I would have loved to cycle around Bucharest, walking around from 5am to around 10pm was something I felt pretty hard the next day!
    I must check out your posts on Tallinn and Riga! We’re doing it in reverse this year, Vilnius to Riga, Tallinn and then the ferry to Helsinki! Any top tips? 😁

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  3. Love your photos and comments! Although I was there only many years ago (and it has certainly changed), I remember the parks and architecture best. Speaking of which, is Tineretului park part of the large complex that comprises a swimming resort with cabanas?

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