Train to Peles Castle in Romania

The train from Bucharest to Peles Castle takes only 1 1/2 hours and what awaits you is simply magical!  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “pictures don’t do it justice”, and in this case that is so true!  Researching the logistics of stopping to see Peles Castle on our train ride from Bucharest to our next Airbnb in Brasov, Romania, I discovered you could “supposedly” leave your luggage at the train station for a small fee.  Well, that’s not the case anymore.  Fortunately, a restaurant agreed to keep our luggage for a few hours while we explored the Castle.  We took a taxi that should have cost about 10 lei (but was 20 lei = $5) three miles to the castle located in the Carpathian Mountains.


Peles Castle (it’s actually more like a palace) is splendid!  I think someone came up with that word to describe it!  Wandering from room to room, I felt the excitement rising, wondering what delightful things we were going to see next.



Here are some interesting facts gathered from Wikipedia:

The collection of arms and armor has over 4,000 pieces, spreading over four centuries of history




Peleş Castle has over 170 rooms (30 bathrooms), many with dedicated themes from world cultures–Florentine, Turkish, Moorish, French, Imperial.

All the rooms are extremely lavishly furnished and decorated to the slightest detail.  The establishment hosts one of the finest collections of art in Eastern and Central Europe, consisting of statues, paintings (almost 2,000 pieces), furniture, arms and armor, gold, silver, stained glass, ivory, fine china, tapestries, and rugs.


The Turkish room…


Here’s Jing wearing the provided shoe coverings…


The theater room…


The wood carvings were exquisite!


You’ll see many statues on the seven terrace gardens, mostly of Carrara marble, along with fountains, urns, stairways, guarding lions, marble paths, and other decorative pieces.


Peles Castle is truly a wonder!

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