Sibiu, Romania has it’s eyes on you!

One of the first things I noticed while roaming the streets of Sibiu, Romania were the roof vents that appear to be eyes.  So cool!  If you’ve never heard of Sibiu, you’re not alone.  Before planning my Eastern European journey, I hadn’t either.  Sibiu was originally part of Germany and dates back to the 12th Century.  After World War I, it became part of Romania.

In 2007 it was designated the European Capital of Culture for the year, along with Luxembourg.  Forbes has ranked Sibiu as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live.

My last post left off with having stopped in Sighasoara for a few hours on route from Brasov to Sibiu.  We boarded the 3:00pm train in Sighasoara, after picking up our luggage from the holding room at the train station, and arrived in Sibiu at 6:05pm.  We walked the 1/3 mile to our Airbnb and after settling in, walked to a nearby Supermarket for some breakfast items.

The following morning, with only one full day to explore, we set off to see this delightful City!


We wandered down this cobblestone street…


and decided to climb these steps…


We stopped in the lovely Holy Trinity Cathedral…


It was a perfect day for exploring…blue skies and comfortable temperatures!


A profusion of flowers always makes me smile…



This is Coopers Tower…


These young men were in fine spirits as we passed them!


Color explosion!


This street artist has quite the sense of humor!


A larger view of some of the eyes…


A doggie on the roof!!


What fun to discover new treasures around every corner!  Sibiu is adorable!

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