A Rainy Day in Krakow

Sometimes it even rains when you’re on vacation, which is fine with me, so long as it’s not an all-day pounding rain!  It makes everything look different and there are cool reflections…


and the sky is interesting!


Some times (not for this photo) umbrellas are fun to photograph…


I love to photograph entryways, tunnels, etc.



Originally, we were going to go to the beautiful town of Zakopane at the foot of the Tatra Mountains (only 2 hours away by bus), but with the rainy day forecast decided to visit Wawel Castle.  We paid a small entry fee to climb up the tower for a great view…


Taking a photo through the mesh screen looks creative…




Down below, the courtyard looks like this…


Wawel Castle’s website has to be one of the most confusing sites I’ve researched.  We ended up paying extra to see the State Rooms and the Royal Private Apartments…where you’re not allowed to take photos.  They were okay…but I guess after 31 days of castles, palaces, and cathedrals, we were becoming a bit jaded.


Anyway, come back tomorrow for our visit to one of the World’s saddest places…Auschwitz.

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