A Sunny Day in Krakow

I reserved three spots on a train from Warsaw to Krakow a month in advance of our travel date to make sure I received the lowest price.  On July 2nd we boarded the 8:25am train and arrived in Krakow at 10:49am.  I then purchased our bus tickets while still at the train/bus station for our trip to Auschwitz two days later.  I couldn’t find an online site to purchase them before I left the United States.  We had about an hour to kill before we could check-in at our Airbnb, so we walked to a restaurant across the street from the train station for lunch.  After walking 10 minutes to our Airbnb and dropping our luggage, we strolled through Planty Park and made our way to the main market square.  These are some of the sights we passed…




On a warm day, water fountains are quite popular…


and the children really enjoyed the misting water…


Finding lots of beauty in Krakow!




I don’t remember what building this was.  After 30 days of traveling through 8 countries and 13 cities, I was beginning to forget what country I was in. 🙂


Join me tomorrow for a rainy day in Krakow!

11 thoughts on “A Sunny Day in Krakow

  1. You really had quite a tour. I’m not surprised you got a bit confused about so many different cities, but you’ll have the photos for a long time and it will start to gel over time. Loads of memories will be twigged by those photos as you relive the moments you enjoyed.

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