The View from St. Anne’s Church in Warsaw

If you’re looking for a great spot to climb up for a beautiful view of Old Town Warsaw, St. Anne’s Church is the place!  As I was surveying the scenery, I noticed a Nun cutting flowers…


Here’s part of Old Town Warsaw…


Love tiled roofs, dormer windows and color…


Simply beautiful…


I heart Warsaw!

15 thoughts on “The View from St. Anne’s Church in Warsaw

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  2. What a great scene captured. When I was at school with a few hundred other awful girls we secretly gossiped about one of the nuns who talked to the plants (not too meanly but we 12 year olds had decided she was mad). Of course when I grew up a bit and had learned a bit more about the world I found that it was the nun that was right and not we smart girls – of course we should respect and talk to our fellow earthly inhabitants whenever we can.

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