The Streets of Warsaw, Poland

With only 1 1/2 days to explore Warsaw, I made the best use of my time walking the streets and taking lots of photographs!


Warsaw was much prettier than what I had envisioned.  I loved all of the quaint sidewalk cafes!


The center of Old Town was much like that of the other Eastern European cities we visited.


The Central Market was well stocked and very nicely laid out!


All types of eggs for sale…


This doggie tied to the door at the market was behaving nicely…


Beautiful flowers!


Colorful fruits and vegetables!


I know I could google this…it probably says, “Push the button to cross the street”.  I’m pretty smart, don’t you think?


A gaggle of children out for a day trip…



I kept walking further through the Old Town and eventually asked someone where I was.  They said I was in the Newer Town…


A table for two…


I think Warsaw surprised me (in a good way) more than any of the other 12 Cities I visited!

11 thoughts on “The Streets of Warsaw, Poland

  1. Wonderful pictures, Sherry! Love the pictures of the produce & the eggs…. I see quail eggs in the picture😀! The last picture looks so inviting! You have such an amazing eye & talent with the camera!

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