Best hiking in Ohio

Remember the handsome and helpful Park Rangers I mentioned in my last post about hiking the Ledges, well this is the gorge they told me to visit instead of going to Rocky River Reservation.  It’s called High Bridge Glens Park and there’s an overlook that you would easily overlook (no pun intended) unless someone in the “know” told you about it.  As I walked out and saw the view, I literally said “wow” out loud!


Looking to the left, I changed from my wide-angle lens to my 18-200 zoom lens and captured this series of cascading waterfalls way down below…


I got back in my car and drove a couple of miles down the road to hike the Gorge Trail.  All of this area is part of the one of the Metroparks


There are two trails and one of them was down by this lake, so I decided to see where it took me…


I came to a boardwalk…


that led me to this cascading waterfall that I’m assuming is a dam…


After that gulp of beauty, I drove to Brandywine Falls and walked along a boardwalk until I came to these stairs…


and another boardwalk…


to these stairs and alas…we can see the falls!


It’s beautiful, but I’ve heard when there’s been a lot of rain and in the spring they’re even better!


Stepping back to take in the view…


and down the boardwalk we go to another vantage point up above to see them.  I took a photo from that view also, but it’s better in person.


I probably got in a total of 4 miles of hikingCleveland’s Metroparks are amazing!

12 thoughts on “Best hiking in Ohio

    • I have two cameras now – my traveling camera is a Nikon D5100 with a regular 18-200 mm lens and I use a wide-angle with that camera. I also now have a full-frame Nikon D750 with a 24-70 mm lens. Thanks Pit!


      • Thanks for the info, Sherry. I still have my old Nikon D702 DSLR, but I’m toying with the idea to get a D5500, as my D70s is not quite reliable any more. Once in a while, and lately more often than not, it doesn’t recognize the memory card. There usually is a work-around [getting the card out and back in again], but that’s tedious. And, naturally, the fault just seems to happen when you’re about to take a picture of a fleeting motif. I’m just deliberating some more. I don’t want a full-frame DSLR since they’re quite expensive and, in addition to an expensive body, I would have to buy new lenses. At present I’m using an 18-200mm zoom as may standard lens. I also have a 10-20mm wide-angle zoom, a 155mm Makro, and an 80-400mm tele zoom. All the lenses are Sigmas, btw.

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      • I now have to buy new lenses for my full-frame…maybe next year, or maybe Santa will be treat me since I’ve been good this year with a Macro lens (I’ve never had one). Sounds like you’re well-equipped!


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