Hiking the Ledges in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I’ve hiked all over the world, but absolutely loved my 1.8 mile hike at the Ledges in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio!  It was my third and final day in the Cleveland area and the Ledges were first on my Itinerary for the day.  In contrast to the hot sunny day yesterday for biking, this day was overcast and a bit humid.


These rocks were so massive and they went on and on for most of the trail!  I was happy to see a few people along the trail to provide a perspective of the scale of the beautiful formations…


Backing up to my arrival at the trail head.  I ran into these two friendly Park Rangers who gave me pointers about the trail and also information about their recommendations for hiking at the area Metroparks later in the day.


I entered the trail here…


Very green and serene.  I felt like I had entered the enchanted forest…


The Rangers told me their favorite part of the trail was at the bottom, but to get there I passed by this section at the top…


At the bottom, I so enjoyed the excitement of rounding every corner!


Looking the other way…


That regular sized wooden bridge looks so small…this place is fabulous!  I can imagine Indians living here…how cool.


I asked these ladies if I could take their photo as they passed…they obliged me.


Not sure where these stone steps led to…




You must visit the Ledges at Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

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