Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio has six floors of memorabilia, history, and amazing exhibits of the music and artists that were/are passionate about this genre of music; and how it has evolved thru time.  The architecture of the building itself is amazing!


Good thing I had my wide angle lens with me!



Rock and Roll in particular has been very vocal in the political arena and continues to lobby for positive changes our society wants and needs!  Also, spreading the message of love, peace, and acceptance!


How cool are these!


and from the back…


Walking through the Hall of Fame Inductees section, I was surprised to see how many musicians have passed away in the past couple of years!


It was interesting to see the original sheets artists wrote their famous songs on…


The interactive displays were interesting.  Behind each of these pictures, there’s a screen you can pull up songs, etc..


The design throughout the Hall of Fame was visually stimulating!


You’ll find the original clothing, shoes, and musical instruments the artists wore and used…


Later that day, I had lunch at Coastal Tacos, located in the Settlers Landing area of the Flats.  There’s a nice view of the Cuyahoga River…


The tacos were delish…I had a tuna, steak, and mahi mahi selection, along with an ice cold Margarita on the rocks with salt!


They have Jenga, Cornhole (a game originally from Ohio), and ping pong tables for additional entertainment…


and out front is a giant Chess board…


My day in Cleveland was outstanding!  Join me tomorrow for my third and final day of some spectacular hiking!

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