Urban Hike in Cleveland

The last time I was in Cleveland was the year 1963 and all I remember is sticking my hand out of the car window to pet a policeman’s horse to only have it slobbered on!  Well, Cleveland definitely impressed me this time!  She has whimsical toys for children in front of the Science Museum…


I awoke early (as usual), and after a 30 minute drive from my Airbnb, arrived downtown at 7:15am.  My first stop was going to be the West Side Market, but they were closed…so I changed gears and walked all over downtown, lots of miles, and took the free trolleys a couple of times.


A visit to the Victorian era Arcade in the Gateway District was on my agenda.  I wanted to go to the second or third level, but the Hyatt Regency doesn’t allow non-guests upstairs…


This outdoor seating area is great!


The Old Stone Church is lovely…


The Fountain of Eternal Life is beautiful!


The fountain is also in this photo and that’s the new Hilton on the right …I wanted to give a perspective of how large the area is.


The Public Library’s outdoor courtyard has the cute plastic animals also!


I’m glad I went inside Heinen’s Grocery store.  The ceiling is so cool!  The building used to be a bank.  They have wine and beer tastings on the second floor…


I made a special trip to Playhouse Square to see the World’s largest outdoor chandelier.  I know it would’ve been really pretty to see it at night, all lit up!


This is the new Hilton Hotel in Cleveland…love their lobby!


The wall is alive!  I went up to the 32nd floor to see the view from Bar 32, but it was closed.  There was a window outside of the bar for a view, but it was becoming more overcast, so the photos didn’t turn out very good.


Mirror, mirror…


Cleveland is also home to the World’s largest rubber stamp!  It’s located in Willard Park and says, “Free”!


I drove over to the 78th Street Studios to see if any of the Art Galleries were open.


Most of them were closed, but I was able to walk around taking photos.  It reminds me of Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, but not nearly as large.





At the end of the day, I drove to Edgewater Park and there’s a nice view of downtown Cleveland…


I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and to the Settler’s Landing area in the Flats for lunch, but will save that for tomorrow!  I had a great day in Cleveland!  Lots of walking and cool things to see!

13 thoughts on “Urban Hike in Cleveland

  1. My husband is from Ohio and every time we visit, its always a whirlwind tour just to see family as my husband insists that there’s absolutely ‘nothing in Ohio.’ I will be showing him this post!

    Looks like you had a fun time. 😊

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