Three months in Europe

Back in November, while I was recovering from a hip replacement, I decided to plan an 11 week trip to five countries in Europe, leaving April 2nd and returning June 20th. I would sit at my computer for 8-10 hours a day with my hip throbbing to research for the trip. I decided to spend three weeks in Italy, three weeks in France, two weeks in Germany (I used to live there when I was in the military), 10 nights on the Greek Islands, and two weeks in Switzerland. My itinerary ended up being almost 40 pages long. To make the trip affordable I booked lodging (21 accommodations) thru Airbnb and and chose places that were a 5 – 15 minute walk from the train station, so I wouldn’t have to take taxis. I had been to all of the countries, but previously had only visited Rome (for 6 hours from a cruise ship) and Paris (took my niece there in 2007).

My first stop was Rome, Italy for 6 nights. I booked a room sharing a kitchen with two other rooms thru Airbnb. I had pre-planned walking routes using Google Maps.

The Trevi Fountain was being cleaned…

The Pantheon

I don’t remember the name of this fountain

I’m an early bird…no people at the Spanish Steps

The Villa Borghese park was lovely

This was interesting art

Another cool fountain

This was in the Trastevere neighborhood

Lots of sidewalk cafes

The pizza was sooo good!

Yummy cappuccino

I should’ve prepared ahead of time for all of the walking.

2 thoughts on “Three months in Europe

  1. Hi Sherry, I really enjoyed your Facebook posts and look forward to reading these more in depth posts about your wonderful holiday.
    My partner & I are looking at doing a similar trip next year at a similar time of the year. We wondered if April would still be a bit cold & not as many things open in terms of attractions etc? Was that your experience or was April a great time to go?

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    • Hi Rosemary…I think April is a great time. The temps ranged from 40-60 degrees so I layered. You avoid some of the crowds also. One of the places I stayed at (an Airbnb) didn’t turn the heat up…he had space heaters and I was cold there, but if you’re in a regular hotel, that won’t be an issue. I rarely went to a museum, etc., so I can’t say about things being open, but stores were.


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