Trummelbach Falls

After my hike to Murren and Gimmelwald, I took Bus # 141 (to/from Lauterbrunnen) to Trummelbach Falls before returning to my lodging in Lauterbrunnen. It’s the world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by lift, galleries, tunnels, paths and platforms. They carry the meltwater of the glaciers from the Jungfrau down to the valley – up to 20,000 liters of water per second. The water carries with it over 20,000 tons of boulders and scree per year and causes the entire mountain to shudder and make a thundering noise.

The falls are part of the Lauterbrunnen Valley’s 72 waterfalls and are a Unesco World Heritage site. The entrance fee for adults is 14 francs. It’s chilly inside but felt great because I was hot from hiking. It’s difficult to capture the sound and sheer power of the falls with photos alone. I took the elevator up to the 6th floor which is the highest it goes and then walked up to the top (10th level). I checked out the waterfalls from each level (6-10) and then walked back down to the elevator and took it to the bottom. I walked up some separate steps to check out waterfalls number one and two so really I only missed out on falls three – five.

The elevator…

When I planned my itinerary back in November/December, I decided to incorporate one night at the Hilton Hotel by the Airport in Zurich (where I was flying home from the next day) mainly for peace of mind since Covid was still prevalent, and in case of any train issues. On June 19, 2022, I left Lauterbrunnen at 8:00am and took three trains before arriving at the Airport. The hotel shuttle picked me up at 11:30am.

This was a trip of a lifetime! I’ll be posting what I packed, how much the trip cost, and how I planned the trip in my next few posts.

p.s.  If you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

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