Three months in Europe for less than $12,000

You may think $12,000 sounds like a lot of money for a three month trip in Europe, but it’s actually very reasonable for everything I got to see and do. A few of the ways I saved money included booking accommodations within 5-15 minutes walk from the train station, so that I rarely had to take a taxi. I also purchased convenient and inexpensive food from the grocery store to limit my dining out expenses.

Doing my own laundry was a savings.

Here are the Stats of my trip (April 2 – June 20, 2022):

5 countries (Italy, France, Germany, Greek Islands, Switzerland)

21 accommodations/18 day trips = 40 destinations


12 Planes / 73 Trains / 25 Metros in Paris / 6 Boats / 15 Buses / 6 Taxies / 10 Shuttles / 2 Trams / 400 miles walked


$ 3850 Transport

$ 6100 Lodging

$ 1900 Food / Drinks (restaurants/grocery)

$ 1135 Entertainment/Laundry/Luggage storage

$ 365 Cash spent (food/tips/misc. from ATM withdrawals)

$ 600 Misc (Cat sitter/Verizon phone Int’l use)

$ 975 Trip Insurance

$14,900 Total

$ 3400 Minus what I would’ve spent at home while on trip (Grocery, entertainment, clothing, utilities, vehicle gas & car ins., nails)

$11,500 Grand Total

Not bad for such a long trip and for all of the memories!

6 thoughts on “Three months in Europe for less than $12,000

  1. I’m so impressed by your planning skills. I totally agree with you with your assessment of money spent versus memories made. What a fantastic journey you had. Congratulations!

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