New Zealand










Costa Rica



Dominican Republic


Puerto Rico



Washington State


Roatan Island, Honduras


Caribbean Islands – Aruba/Grenada/Cayman Islands/Saint Kitts/St. Thomas/St. John






Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Greece, England, Switzerland, Austria

        South Africa

Namibia, Africa

Botswana, Africa

Zambia, Africa

Zimbabwe, Africa

Malawi, Africa

  Tanzania, Africa

Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland

Other Europe: Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Finland, Estonia


Walk on the Great Wall in China

Spend a week at a silent retreat

Hike the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain

Hike a portion of the Lycian Way in Turkey

Hike Yosemite National Park

Hike Zion National Park

Hike Bryce National Park

Take the scenic Oslo-Bergen, Norway train ride & boat cruise of the Fjords

Get an article published

Write and publish an e-book

Go on a safari

Attend a Native American sweat lodge ceremony

Take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey

Attend a Whirling Dervish show in Turkey

Take a traditional gulet boat cruise on the coast of Turkey

Couchsurf at a stranger’s home


Ride a Gondola in Venice

Ride a donkey, horse, elephant, camel and a Segway


Go the Mardi Gras

Hike to bottom of the Grand Canyon

Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Swim in the Dead Sea & the Red Sea

Have an authentic Thai massage and an authentic Turkish Bath

See the Pyramids

White Water Rafting

Go snowmobiling

Serve in the military


Hot Yoga

Slalom Ski

Snow Ski

to shoot a gun

iMovie, iDVD, iMac, iPod, iPad, iTunes

to meditate effectively

Join Toastmaster to become a better pubic speaker

to speak Spanish

to create a sculpture

47 thoughts on “Bucket

  1. I enjoy reading your blog! I would also like to say that I have traveled to “eastern” Africa in Rwanda and Tanzania and have done safari experiences both in Tanzania and in South Africa if you would like any information on safaris in general, what to expect, good companies, etc. – I would be happy to share such information!


  2. The Bahamas didn’t make your list of places to visit? 😦
    If you come here, you can sleep on this stranger’s couch! 🙂
    A few things are on your list that I may steal for mine. A week at a silent retreat would be wonderful, as would a lot of other things.
    Skydiving! Did you blog about it?! It’s the most amaaaaazing experience.


    • I’ve been to Norweigan Cruise Line’s personal “Bahama” Island. Does that count as a visit? Thanks for the couch offer…you never know! I think I did blog about the skydiving. It was a true experience! 🙂


  3. Love your bucket list. Inspires me to get mine written down and crossed off. I was recenrly in Istanbul, Turkey and visited the Sofia Haggia and Blue Mosque. Incredible! Been to 20 countries myself. Have a great day.


  4. Love the Bucket List. My Now Husband was born in Istalbul. I’ve been to Turkey twice now and we are going back in October. It is astonishingly beautiful, the people are wonderful, the history is overwhelming. I’ve also been to a sweat lodge, conducted by two Native American elders. That was a less-than-optimal experience (too many people packed into the sweat). I’m going to add a Bucket List on my blog. You have inspired me.


  5. Awesome list! Looks like you are working through it! I see Prague on your list – very cool! I just recently booked for Christmas in Prague – it looks magical! Can’t wait!
    I am almost 40 – have been traveling for a number of years and look forward to many more! Thanks for sharing your travel thoughts and dreams!
    Happy travels.


  6. Wonderful blog. I’ve been to all 7 continents and am now filling in the countries. If you want a travelling partner to Turkey, email! Single woman, no kids, no husband. The world is my oyster! Just need to plan…Linda


    • Hi Linda –

      I need to catch up with you…actually I had a trip to Turkey and five Scandinavian countries planned back in June, but cancelled because my mother was ill. She passed away in June. Anyway, it’s still on the list. You sound really positive…that’s great! I’ll be gone on two back to back trips starting this morning until mid-August. Hope to talk with you then! Have a great summer! ~Sherry~


  7. Hi Sherry

    I love your Bucket List – I really should add one to my blog too 🙂

    Maybe you would like to see my travel blog too? You can find me on Blogger @ susanreadertravels
    Like you I have just turned 50 and love to travel the world – mostly on a budget 🙂

    Currently living in Dubai – come visit!



  8. When you finally get around to coming to South Africa look me up – I am originally American but live in Cape Town and just had my cousin out from Vermont… we toured Cape Town for 5 days then spent 6 in the Kruger National Park – he was blown away by the animals, we saw the Big 5 in one morning! You can find me through my blog on wordpress, Deep Raspberry. Regards Claire


  9. Excellent bucket list. I am actually a student from Michigan currently studying abroad in Ankara, Turkey. As my first experience of international travel its been absolutely amazing. I hope to make traveling a habit, much as you have.


    • I had a trip planned to go to Turkey for 3 weeks by myself followed by the Scandinavian countries for 3 weeks, but my mother became ill so I canceled it. She passed away in June. Glad you love it and I can’t wait to visit there!


  10. I see South Africa is still on your list … so now you know someone in Cape Town … not quite sure what couchsurfing is, but since I am still a stranger, you could cross two things off at once by visiting my couch in Cape Town.



    • I feel the same way…but I love the great outdoors the best of all…so some of the top places to go to on my iist are based on that. For example, Norway (the Fjords), New Zealand, etc.


  11. I love your bucket list. It sounds so similar to mine! I am close to hitting 40 and hope to keep moving, traveling, trekking, writing and seeing the world, in addition to raising my 2 young kids. I just subscribed and look forward to reading your blog. Sounds very interesting!


  12. Just discovered your blog. Love it! You have inspired me to create my own bucket list. I too would like to be a better PUBIC speaker!


  13. A small, but funny spelling mistake : “Join Toastmaster to become a better PUBIC speaker”.

    Might have something to do with The Vagina Monologues.

    Great bucket list by the way.


  14. I compiled a very similar list using the same categories but published it as private. I am now motivated to make that list public 🙂

    Your experiences blow my mind and I wish I could achieve half of what you’ve done.

    Love finding other bloggers above 40 on WordPress 🙂


  15. I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! So inspiring and I’ve been compiling my bucket list for my blog lately. A lot of which you have conquered, really cool to see. Keep going on the fabulous journey =)


    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading. I checked yours out also and you’re beautiful. Just remember, you can do anything you want to do. Don’t worry about the details…just narrow down the top two or three things you want to do and move in that direction!


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