A Spooky Visit to Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle in Romania

Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle, situated 18 miles from the quaint and historical town of Brasov, is so much fun to explore!  Dating back to the 15th Century, there isn’t much evidence that Vlad the Impaler, who the character Count Dracula was devired from, had many ties with Bran Castle.  During our visit, there were school children running through the castle and visitors were allowed to freely roam the castle.

Here’s the courtyard…


The entrance to the castle is at the top of these steps…


A spooky stone passageway leading to…


The bearskin room…


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Beautiful Brasov, Romania

Arriving to Brasov, Romania via train in the afternoon after exploring the breathtaking Peles Castle, we checked into our Airbnb located conveniently in the Old Town, and walked to the Supermarket.  With only 1 1/2 days to explore, we were anxious to get started. 

The main square called Piata Sfatului, is full of life and beauty!    The large dark brown building in the background is called the Black Church and is over 500 years old. 


Children and birds are wonderful subjects to photograph!


The fountain at the square seems somewhat modern, but contrasts nicely with the historical architecture surrounding it.


I felt like I was dropped in a photographer’s paradise!


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