A Spooky Visit to Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle in Romania

Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle, situated 18 miles from the quaint and historical town of Brasov, is so much fun to explore!  Dating back to the 15th Century, there isn’t much evidence that Vlad the Impaler, who the character Count Dracula was devired from, had many ties with Bran Castle.  During our visit, there were school children running through the castle and visitors were allowed to freely roam the castle.

Here’s the courtyard…


The entrance to the castle is at the top of these steps…


A spooky stone passageway leading to…


The bearskin room…


Would you care to join me for dinner?  We’ll be having red wine…


I loved the simplicity of the castle and the lead glass windows…


Pretty door…


Back in the day you needed to be prepared for battle!


The bedroom seems to be an appropriate place to display your crown!



Beautifully carved wood lent the rooms a cozy richness.  Here’s the dining room/kitchen…



Window love!


Of course the torture room displayed drawings of female victims.



The wishing well in the courtyard…


Bran Castle is completely different from Peles Castle, but I can’t say I liked one more than the other…they’re both magical!

22 thoughts on “A Spooky Visit to Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle in Romania

  1. Looks like a wonderful (little) castle, Sherry. And not (too) spooky – except for that passageway. 😉 So you didn’t see Dracula? Maybe you had had garlic with your dinner? 😉 If I remember Roman Polanski’s movie correctly, garlic is THE vampire relellant, isn’t it? 😉
    Have a great time,

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