Went to the Cincinnati Zoo to see the Flowers…but there weren’t any!

It was chilly last Wednesday when I arrived at the Cincinnati Zoo to take photos of their massive flower display.  I found a $2 discount at Krogers to use on the $15 admission price and avoided the $8 parking cost by parking less than a block away on the street.  Once inside, I began walking around, taking some photos of some of the animals and searching for the flowers.  I saw that bulbs had been planted, but no blooms.  I asked an employee and he said they haven’t bloomed yet.  I only stayed a couple of hours and didn’t even go into any of the buildings to see animals because my camera would fog up when I did.  It’s not that I don’t love animals and taking pictures of them, I guess I feel sorry for them being held captive.  But I understand how much knowledge and enjoyment humans receive in doing so.

The Polar Bears were the most playful and active of the bunch…


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