9 Nights in Paris

I had visited Paris for one night back in the late 70’s when I was in the military and once more for a week when I took my niece in 2007. It hadn’t changed much, other than the metros seemed a little seedier, but I had changed a lot. I purchased a 7-day Navigo pass (you need to have a passport photo for it) that covered all forms of transport within a certain area and is the best value for your money. I visited most of the main sites a tourist goes to…the Eiffel Tower

Sacre Coeur

The Louvre Museum

Don’t remember the name of this bridge

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

I had to try the croque monsieur (a hot ham and cheese sandwich)

The rue Crémieux, know as the most colorful street in Paris

The expressions of the people are interesting…

I forget where I was when I took this photo

Luxembourg Gardens should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

This was my favorite French meal, but I can’t remember the name of it. It had fish and vegetables in it.

p.s.  In case you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022.  Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

From Florence, Italy to Paris, France

I took a flight from Florence to Paris and walked from the metro stop which was located a few minutes from my Airbnb. I was staying in Josephine’s home for nine nights. She was the sweetest lady and rented out her two spare bedrooms. There was a young girl staying in the other room. We all shared the same bathroom.

It was five flights up (no elevator) so I got my exercise.

During my nine night stay Josephine cooked some and her bean soup was delicious! She didn’t speak English and I only knew a few French words, so we would either babble at each other in our own languages and use sign language or use Google translate.

Her baked goods were sinful!

I asked her for a pair of scissors so I could trim my hair and she somehow communicated that she used to be a hairdresser and wanted to do it for me. One day I did laundry in her washer and she wanted to help me hang it to dry. When I returned from exploring she had already folded it for me.

One day I brought her flowers which are in the photo above. She helped with the loneliness of traveling solo and I’ll never forget her kindness.

p.s.  In case you’ve just began reading…I planned an 11 week, 5 European country, 21 accommodations solo trip from April – June of 2022. Photos were taken with my LG Velvet Android phone.

On a Roll…


“Those who don’t believe in Magic..will never find it!”  Roald Dahl 

My weekend was great…cooked a lot of new recipes…ran errands…read some from my current book “The Hunger Games“…went for a four mile hike in the woods with beautiful sunny skies…organized my food pantry…normal household chores…and went to a Superbowl party at my brother’s! 
I’m on a black and white roll! 

If I remember correctly...the staircase at Sacre Coeur in Paris, France - 2007

While hiking on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru – 2009
Staircase in Spain – 2010
Vancouver, British Columbia – 2011
Encountered this man while hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by myself – 2007
I asked these Police Officers in Bangkok permission to take their photo (during a political rally)
Spiritual Pak Ou Caves in Laos on Mekong River


Girl on Mediterranean cruise in Venice - 2010

 Hope you have a lovely day!!